Prof. Dr Gordana Zlatanović

Prof. Dr Gordana Zlatanović  graduated in 1980 as the best student of the Medical School at the university of Niš. As the best student of her class she had been awarded the Charter of the University. 

Redovni je profesor medicinskog fakuleta u Nišu, šef katedre za oftalmologiju .

She is a professor of the Faculty of Medicine in Niš and head of the Ophthalmology department .  

More than 300 written scientific papers are proof of the commitment of Prof. Dr Zlatanović in her work and the constant quest for new knowledge in the field of eye diseases and treatment. She has been a guest lecturer on numerous international and national congresses.

Author and co-author of ten professional books; one of the most important are "Ophthalmology" for students of medicine, "Systemic diseases and eye" and "Uveitis diagnostic and therapeutic approach." Reviewer of  many professional books of ophthalmology, and some of the most important are the "Mediators of inflammation in proliferative vitreopathy" Dr M. Vukosavljevića and "Ophthalmology" Belgrade's authors.

 She is a member of the European Society EVER, the European Society ESCRS (cataract and refractive surgery) and a member of the AAO (American Academy of Ophthalmology).

Prof. Dr Gordana Zlatanovićis is a President of the Commission for Specialist exam in Ophthalmology. She was a mentor in more than twenty master and ten doctoral dissertation.

Sa preko 20.000 operacija katarakte smatra se jednom od vodećih specijalistom oftalmologije, kako u Srbiji tako i u regionu.

Particular interest of her work are uveitis, systemic diseases in connection with the eye as well as the most advanced anterior segment surgery, phacoemulsification with implantation of intraocular lenses.