Free eye ground examinations in TC Forum

On the World Diabetes Day, Klinika Maja traditionally performs free eye ground examinations in the clinic until the end of the year, with scheduled appointments.

This year, in addition to the traditional campaign at the Clinic, on November 14th, a campaign “Look Diabetes in the Eyes” was held at the TC Forum in order to raise awareness of the consequences of irregular controls and poorly regulated diabetes. Changes that can lead to serious complications, visual impairment, or even blindness appear on the eye ground. There is still a large number of people who do not know that they are suffering from diabetes, and with a quick eye examination in just a few minutes, changes that our doctors may notice may indicate diabetic retinopathy or some other illness.

In just one day, 307 examinations were made, in 148 people the changes on the eye ground were observed:

  • in 69 patients changes were observed indicating the possibility of glaucoma
  • in 53 patients changes caused by diabetes were observed
  • in 26 patients changes on the eye ground of different nature were observed

Klinika Maja is trying to encourage people to be responsible for their health, and by regular examinations it is possible to respond in time if any complications arise and hence prevent further development of the disease.