Free-of-charge Action on the Glaucoma Fighting Week

The open-angle glaucoma in most cases does not give any symptoms in the beginning so that it is detected by accidental, regular ophthalmic examination. This means that a person does not know that he has glaucoma, so his optic nerve slowly decays.

Patients usually report late, when they notice their eyesight is weakened, they have occasional short blurred vision, rainbow colours, fatigue and eye pain, visual field defects, headache. Unfortunately, very often in this stage there have already been irreversible changes in the optic nerve.

Check your eyesight on time!

We can proudly emphasize that “Klinika Maja” on March 11 and 12, 2019 had a free-of-charge action on the Glaucoma Fighting Week at the Forum Shopping Center. During the promotion, about 700 of our fellow citizens were examined.
A suspicion of glaucoma or glaucoma was diagnosed in 50 patients, and in about 80 patients some other type of illness was diagnosed.